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You are the one that takes care of everyone else, so how can you now be the one that can’t shake this feeling?  You’re angry.  You’ve been hurting for a while, but don’t necessarily understand why.  You should be over this already.

You want to move past this pain, because it is making you feel helpless.  You’re tired of being emotional. 

I get it.  I understand how hard it can be to admit that you need support and don’t feel like there’s anyone in your life that has the capacity to help you right now.   

I can help you explore what is going on for you, and begin to make sense of why you are feeling stuck and finding it difficult to move on.  Together, we can find ways for you to have a better relationship with yourself, your partner, and others in your life.


You’re a strong person, and that’s been serving you well, but now you need some help. I provide you with coping tools, a place to be heard, and a way of speaking up so your needs can be met without feeling guilty for asking.


You’re not feeling connected any more. There’s distance, and whether you know the reason or not, it’s not where you want to be in this relationship. I provide communication tools that help you talk…and fight…so you’re both heard.

Group Counselling

Meeting with others who face the same issues as you can be that extra boost you need in helping you reach your goals for counselling. Learn from each other, me as a therapist, and rest in the fact that you’re not the only one dealing with this!

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Hi, I’m Lisa

You care for others so well, that it’s hard to reach out and let someone care for you. Then as you begin your search for a counsellor, you get overwhelmed by your options and trying to figure out who is the best fit for you.

Read on to find out more about me and how I work. Let me help you find ways to get back some control in your life and be more in touch with yourself and the people that matter.