Anxiety counselling in Surrey, bc

I get nervous about everything, sometimes I literally don’t know why I’m anxious, I just am and no one seems to understand that.

You find yourself tensing up as you think about going back to work on Monday.  And then on Friday, you notice that your stomach feels a bit "off" as you prepare to go to that party at your friend's house tonight.  As you reflect on your week, you are aware that there were more times that you experienced anxiety about what might happen than simply relaxing and enjoying the life that you are living.

As you come home from that party on the weekend, you start to reflect on all of the things you should have said or done.  You wonder what is wrong with you that nobody talked to you the whole time.  You find all of the ways that you seem to be doing things wrong lately and shy away from any compliments that somebody might give you, because "she's my mom (dad, husband, best friend)...she has to like me."

Anxiety has become a common term in our society, both in the fact that we use the word all of the time, and in the fact that it has become part of the daily experience of a lot of people.  While anxiety, or fear, have a natural and important role in our lives, it can begin to feel like it plays a bigger role than you want it to, or that it is robbing you of the way that you want to be living.  

some examples of how anxiety might be affecting your life

Coping tools for anxiety in Surrey, BC

Coping tools for anxiety in Surrey, BC

  • your emotions or behaviours feel out of control

  • you are avoiding certain situations or need extra reassurance where you didn't before

  • you are experiencing more worrisome thoughts than feels normal to you

  • you are depending more and more on friends and family to meet your basic needs

  • the anxiety feels excessive to what the situations are that you are facing actually present

  • your anxiety is affecting your ability to function in your job, relate to your family, or your ability to sleep

  • your self-esteem is so low, you don't recognize yourself any more

I can provide you with some different ways of coping with it so that it becomes manageable.  I can also work with you to understand what is driving the anxiety and causing you to feel unrest in your life.

If you are noticing some of these symptoms of anxiety in your life, you can benefit from meeting with me at my Surrey, BC office.  You can book your first appointment by clicking the link below.