I'm moving!

As you read that title, you may wonder why I am moving AGAIN...hasn't it only been a few months since I told you I was focusing on working in Surrey?!

If you have been to my office in Surrey, you have probably noticed a couple of things.  The location, the parking, and how my office feels.

The first thing you may notice is that the office is pretty central.  Being at Highway 10 and 152 affords pretty easy accessibility from Surrey, Langley, South Surrey/White Rock, and Delta.  I love this about my location!  I am pleased to tell you that my new location is in the same neighbourhood, and is actually easier to get into!

Once you get into the parking lot for my office, you will notice another thing.  THERE ISN'T MUCH OF IT!  One of the issues a lot of you have had to deal with, especially if you come for counselling during the day, is the lack of parking at this location.  My new location is located in an office-only complex.  There aren't restaurants or clinics in the new building, so it is so much easier to find parking!

Once you get into my office, you may or may not noticed that there are no windows in it.  While you may not notice it as we work together, you often comment on it once we are done the session and you come out into the naturally lit hallway.  My new office has a wall of windows that provide a lot of natural light.  One of the great things about this is that it is on the second floor, so there aren't people looking in those windows, and even if they did, the outside is tinted so you can't see in.  It's a win win situation!

My move happens September 1st.  i am confident that you will be happy with the change in location, and that it will provide us with an even better setting to work together in.  I look forward to seeing you at #216-5455 152 Street!