Preparing for Menopause

If you are a woman enter your late 40s or early 50s, you may be wondering when “the change of life” will happen, and what it will be like.  Menopause represents a major transition in the lives of most women, signalling the end of reproductive function. A diet rich in whole foods and proper supplementation supports a stronger life force and the ability to better handle the changes occurring during this time. 

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How Can You Move from Loneliness to Connection?

In an age where we have so many ways of connecting with others through social media, there is also a marked increase in people feeling alone.  It has become such an issue that the UK has appointed a Minister of Loneliness.  What are some ways to combat loneliness in your life, and get connected with others?

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Beating the Blues

Are you interested in trying to deal with the issues you are facing in a natural way - through counselling, exercise, and eating properly?  While you may know that eating healthy can affect your mental health, you may wonder if there are specific foods that can help!  Glenys Bowers, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in the South Surrey area, has some practical help for us in this area.

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Money Dos and Don'ts

Money.  Budgets.  Finances.  Three words that can make almost all of us cringe inside, and most likely clam up.  Money is something that we typically don’t talk about, but think about very often.  Money has the power to affect our emotional health.  Just like anything in our lives, if we avoid talking about money and our concerns around it, it can turn into anxiety and even depression. 

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New Year...New Way of Making Change!

As you begin the New Year, you may be thinking of how you want 2018 to be different.  Maybe you are the type of person that has already written out your goals and have ways of tracking your progress throughout the year.  Or maybe you are the type of person that refuses to make New Years resolutions, but in the back of your mind have been pondering the ways that you could make some changes this year.

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Meals and Mindfulness

You’ve just arrived home after a long day at work.  You have been fighting deadlines at work, difficult people, and then that commute!  As you come in your front door, you look at your kitchen and think “there’s no WAY I have energy to cook tonight!”.  Or if you have kids, your mind goes to the meme that’s been making its way around Facebook “why do they want dinner every single night!”.  And besides, there’s activities to get to in about an hour, or another meeting for the organization you are volunteering for.  Who has time for a home cooked dinner?!

Fast forward to the end of the night, and you are in bed reflecting on your day.  Do you remember what you ate?  Were you able to connect with friends or family today?  

What if you were able to make one change to your day so that you felt connected to your family, or were just able to stop and breathe for a few minutes, and care for yourself?  One of the words that comes to my mind is a pretty trendy word right now – “mindfulness”.  Some of you will read that word, and stop reading this blog, because you’ve heard it too much.  Bear with me!

Mindfulness is the act of slowing down enough to focus your awareness on what is happening in the present moment, and then taking time to calmly acknowledge and then accept your feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.  For a lot of people that means yoga or taking time out of their day to meditate.  However, it doesn’t have to be something that is added on to your already busy schedule.  What if mindfulness was about slowing down to eat dinner at the table instead of standing in the kitchen, sitting in your car, or while watching TV?  What if it was slowing down and setting aside 20 minutes to be aware of what you are eating, interacting with your family members, or taking time to appreciate how good of a cook you are?

There is a lot of research that shows that having dinner as a family on a regular basis can affect behaviours at work and school, susceptibility to eating disorders, and overall self-image.  One article I found stated that engaging in family meals is viewed positively by both adolescents and parents and can be a useful tool for enhancing a sense of belonging and attachment.

So how do you make this happen?  How do you cook a healthy, nutritious meal to sit down to on a regular basis?  There are many ways to try this, and it really comes down to trial and error to see what might work for you.

Here are some resources that I have found that helped me at various stages in my life.  My hope is that at least one might resonate with you and help you to be able to experience mindfulness, attachment and stress release as you sit down to your meals next week.

Meal planning on your own

Slow cooker recipes

Freezer meals

Happy cooking!  Let me know if any of these resources helped you, or if you have one you’d like to share!

Christmas Holiday Madness

It is midway through December. Christmas planning, Christmas shopping, Christmas celebrating and Christmas stressing feels well underway.

The season can be so much about expectations, or what we hoped for…that somehow this year will be different. I won’t spend as much. The family will get along. The kids won’t be bored. Everyone will be grateful, kind and make time for one another. It will be magical.

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