Do you feel like people take advantage of you in a variety areas of your life?  Your boss thinks you are superman and doesn't seem to acknowledge that you have a life outside of work.  Your friends ask you to do stuff for them ALL the time.  And your family...don't even get you started with how they take advantage of you!  You know that you need some boundaries in your life, but you are afraid to hurt people's feelings, or even worse to lose them from your life.

Having boundaries in your life does not mean that you have to cut everyone out, or be a hard ass with everyone, only saying no to everything.  I picture boundaries as being a fence around my property.  With a gate.  So the fence isn't one of those brick walls that you can't see out of.  It's a picket fence, and the gate opens to either let good things in or keep bad things out.  You get to choose that.  And...just because you're keeping some things or people out now, doesn't mean that you are closing the gate on them forever.

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I will be running a boundaries group in the Fall of 2019. If you are interested in learning more about boundaries and how to authentically say yes and no to people and things in your life, then this group therapy opportunity may be for you! Contact me through the button below if you are interested in learning more.