Boundaries Group Therapy in Surrey, BC


Group therapy can be a great opportunity to go deeper into learning about yourself and the topic that you are working on. Learning in a group of people who are also working on the same issues can be a source of support and accountability.

I will be running a 10-week group on boundaries in September where you can learn more about how to authentically say yes…and no…to people in your life in a way that provides opportunity for healthy relationships with yourself and others.

boundaries group (10).png

Topics include:

  • How to identify what boundaries you want and need in your life

  • What type of boundaries you want with different people in your life

  • Identify when your boundaries are crossed

  • How to communicate your boundaries to others

Beginning Tuesday, September 17th, we will meet for 10 weeks from 6:30-8:00 pm each week.

Space is limited to 8 members per group (NOW FULL!) To be put on a waiting list for Spring 2020 or to learn more, please complete the form below.

Cost: $350 (+ GST) in total ($35 per session)

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Please let me know if you have any questions about this group
Since this is a closed group, consistency in attendance is important for both yourself and the group dynamics. If you know of conflicts that would keep you from being able to attend each session, please let me know. A receipt will be issued so that you can either submit the cost to your extended health care benefits plan or save for your income tax return. If you have any questions, please contact me.