Can I bring my spouse with me?

When you are feeling like your relationships aren't quite right, your spouse is probably the first person that you are noticing that distance with.  

When I am working with you in the counselling room, you are my client.  That means that I am trying to help you reach your goals in the most effective way possible.  There are times when that means that you will want to bring your spouse in to a session or two so that they can provide some perspective on the relationship, and perhaps hear some of what you are working on in a more intimate setting.

If you are wanting to work on your relationship as a couple, you have a couple of options.  Your first option is to start marriage counselling with me right from the start.  That means you are both invested in improving your relationship, and your relationship is the main focus for counselling.  The second option would be that as you and I are working together, you realize that a large part of what you are missing is how you relate to your spouse.  At that point, I would recommend some marriage counsellors for you to work on that part of your goals.  You can choose if you want to continue individual counselling with me at the same time.  

Having a separate counsellor for couples counselling helps both of you to be on the same foot in relationship with that counsellor, and provides less opportunity for one of you to feel like the counsellor is siding with one or the other because they know you better.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me!