counselling for individuals in surrey, bc

You find yourself wondering if you are enough.  You’re asking if you are loveable just the way you are, warts, past and all. Will someone ever love you or be a true friend with you if they know the “real” you? 

The experiences you have lived through were not your fault, but you live with the consequences just the same.  Those consequences may look like low self image, feeling like you will never lose the memory of your experience, or feeling as if you will be a burden to others if you truly open up.

You want to be open and honest with people, and be loved, accepted and cared for in return.  You want to know that you don’t have to keep living with your memories and fears.  You want to find ways to deal with the hurt and scars that your past has left you with.  

Some of the areas that I do my best work with individuals are around anxiety, trauma, and learning how to set boundaries in your relationships. I also offer EMDR as a way of doing therapy. If you’d like to learn more about these areas, click on the buttons below.

If you're struggling with feeling lonely or understanding why you keep repeating your past, you might benefit from meeting with me at my Surrey, BC office.  You can book a free 15-minute phone consultation easily by clicking the link below.