Couples counselling in surrey, bc

You are feeling lonely even though you are in a long-term, committed relationship.  It feels like you and your partner are having conflict about the same things over and over again and never resolve anything.  You have tried to implement date nights, but who wants to just sit across from each other in silence, unable to communicate?

I will work with you to find ways to understand the needs that are not being met within you, so that you are able to begin to understand why the disconnect has happened between you.  I believe that it is important to build a friendship base before you can start to meet each others needs.  That can seem impossible where you are now, but as we work to help you find ways to communicate with each other in a way that is authentic, you can then begin to hear each other in a different way.

If you are struggling and feel you would benefit with some marriage counselling in Surrey, BC please contact me by calling 778-549-6334.