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Welcome, I'm glad you're here!  Since you have arrived at my website, you are most likely tired of dealing with the same things over and over and are ready to make some changes.  You know that it's going to take some work, but you're ready to do it!

You feel alone.  You may be experiencing some anxiety or feelings of depression. You have relationships in your life, but they feel empty.  You think that your friends are tired of hearing you talk about things that are bothering you.  Or maybe your "stuff" just doesn't seem so bad compared to what others have to deal with. You're wondering if some counselling might help you find ways to be brave again, learn how to care for yourself, and have healthy relationships in your life.

I work with women that are experiencing anxiety, loneliness, or that feeling of being stuck.  Maybe you survived at least one traumatic or unexpected event that changed the trajectory of your life in a way that you were not prepared for.

  Even if you're feeling at a loss right now, you are motivated to make changes in your life.  This is where I come in.  I’d like to help you reach your goals by providing a different, fresh perspective.  With the combination of my life experience and formal training, I can equip you with tools and techniques to safely sort through some of your emotions, and help you to find new ways to cope with life, relating to where you are at in a personal way to help you get unstuck.

I also work with couples at various stages in their relationships.  If you are starting out, I provide pre-marital counselling, so that you can build on your strengths and find ways to work together in the areas that you may be unsure of or already struggling. 

Perhaps your relationship is under stress and you are looking for marriage counselling.  You may be looking for help with a recurring issue, or you want to recover from a very hurtful event.  I can help provide you with tools to help your communication, friendship, trust, and rebuild a marriage where both of you feel heard and understood.