Premarital counselling in Surrey, BC

You're getting married!  Congratulations!  Whether it's a requirement of your minister or you are wanting to make sure you're not missing something, one of the best steps that you can take in order to start your marriage off on the best foot is to participate in some premarital counselling.  

I typically start premarital counselling by having you complete an online Prepare Enrich Inventory. Once this is completed, you will receive a 10 page summary of the Prepare Enrich Inventory.  You can expect to meet for a minimum of four sessions together, and then you can decide if you would like to meet for more sessions if there is a topic that comes up that you feel you could get some more support on.

If you are engaged and looking to get support as you plan your marriage, please contact me for premarital counselling in Surrey, BC by clicking the link below to book your free 15-minute phone consultation.