what is counselling?

It can be overwhelming to think about opening yourself up to a complete stranger in a counselling situation.  What will you talk about?  Do you really need help? What if your friends think you're crazy for getting help? Is there a difference between therapy and counselling?

Counselling provides a chance for you to share your hurt, begin healing, and find hope again.  Depending on what you are facing in your life, counselling can be a chance to learn new ways to cope with the stresses in your life and perhaps how you relate to difficult people you are in relationship with.  Counselling can help you to manage your emotions and explore why you are feeling depressed, anxious or stressed.  It can also be an opportunity to dig deep and find healing from your experience of deep wounding and abuse.   

what does a counselling session look like?

Counselling in Surrey, BC

Counselling in Surrey, BC

Counselling sessions are typically 50 minutes long for individuals and 75 minutes for couples.  The first session is a bit more structured than the ones that follow as there is some paperwork to fill out, and I will have specific questions to get to know you and the issues that you are facing.  From there, we work together to picture what change you would like to see happen, and work together in session so that you can effect change and find healing inside and outside of the counselling room.

In couples counselling, everything that we do together in session is aimed at helping your relationship find healing, restoration and growth.  The first session will be intake as noted above, and is an opportunity for me to learn more about you and the change you are wanting to make, and for you to see if I am the best fit for you. From there we will work together through a variety of ways. This could mean we are trying different exercises in session that are meant to help you communicate better, or trying to identify what your needs are in the midst of your conflict so that your partner is given more insight into you and who you are.

trauma-informed approach 

So what does trauma-informed mean?  Does that mean that I am trying to dig up your hurts and pains each session?  No.  I feel it is important that I help you find tools so that you can manage the different issues that you are facing.  It also means that I help you find a way to feel confident in who you are and the people that you interact with. 

Being trauma-informed means that I will also be curious about what you have experienced in your life that was unexpected, or that you did not feel prepared for, and then to find a way to understand what happened to you. 

As we work together, it is important that you feel that we work at a pace that fits best for you. So I will not rush you, and in fact may encourage you to slow down and find a way to learn and understand more about yourself.  

I believe that you are the expert on you, and it is my role to walk alongside you, encouraging you to heal, grow and stretch so that you see the value in who you are, and find a way to live wholeheartedly, embracing who you are.

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